Assistant District Governor, Don Brewer, made it official at the picnic style club meeting, Thursday noon, January 26th, on the terrace west of Fox Lake at the McHenry Country Club.  He thanked outgoing president, Tom Webb, and gave the oath of office to the incoming president, Brian Thoma.


    Nearly two dozen club members and guests gathered on the terrace of the McHenry Country Club for the annual installation of officers.  Members enjoyed a buffet meal of assorted salads, hamburgers and brachwurst.  President Webb honored Kathy Pelz with a President's award (see photo and story below).  Ron Bykowski awarded to club gifts of $1,000 to two local charities (see photos and stories below).  Incoming president, Brian Thoma, noted two major thrusts of his administration, which are (1) getting members engaged and involved, and (2) membership development.  He added as a postscript, "Oh yes, number three is to have fun."   Shown in the photograph above are outgoing president, Tom Webb; Assistant Governor, Don Brewer; incoming president Brian Thoma; and club secretary, Terry Fitzgibbons (the only Board member who was present and formally installed).