Dr. Laura L. V. King, formerly with the Center for Therapeutic Services and Psychodiagnostic, now a Commander with the McHenry Police Department, gave a 30 minute power point talk on the new Illinois Medical Marijuana Law.  She said the effort was to explain the basic guidelines for the program and to assure the public that precautions at every level were being taken.   She noted that all the marijuana in this program is high grade and must be grown in Illinois.  Strict procedures are being made for the growing, processing, and storing of the product.  One form of the marijuana used involves regular plastic sandwich bags which hold 140 joints--a 10 day supply of 10 joints per day.  She didn't know the actual cost of the bag, but believed a single joint would be about $5.00.  (This would mean a 140 joint bag would run for around $600)  Several members asked if she brought any free samples, but the Country Club served ice cream instead!  Her program was very informative and enjoyed by those present.