++   After enjoying a delicious steak and baked potato meal with a lemon sherbert for dessert, the 2015-2016 officers were installed including incoming President, Tony Huemann (shown in the photo being sworn in by Assistant Governor, Don Brewer).  

++  Other than President Huemann; the 2015-16 Club Officers are: Brian Thoma, Immediate Past President; Denis Buch, Vice-President; Cheryden Juergensen, Treasurer; Terry Fitzgibbons, Secretary; Karen Lavin, Director for International Service; Ron Bykowski, Charitable Foundation Chair; Phil Sweeney, Membership Chair; and Phil Bartmann, Rotary Foundation Chair.

++ In his closing remarks, President Huemann outlined three basic goals for his administration: (1) Increase club membership by at least 3 new members; (2) Increase our activity in Polio Plus; and (3) Increase club awareness of the international nature of Rotary.  

++ Last but not least, Bob Blake won the weekly raffle which comes to about $100.