The McHenry Rotary Club welcomed guest speaker, Jon Meyer, a volunteer with the F.I.S.H. (Friends In Service Here) of McHenry Food Pantry, who shared his experiences providing much needed food products to local families in need.  He noted that the organizations distributes 10-12,000 pounds of food a week and feeds 700 separate families a month.
                Mr. Meyer noted that there are the ways the Food Bank receives the necessary food: (1) private donations from individuals and organizations; (2) support from local groceries, Aldi’s, Jewel, and Walmart; and (3) the North Illinois Food Bank.  He added that a $10 donation to the Food Bank can net as much as $80 worth of groceries because of their charity status.  Photo: Volunteer, Jon Meyer, is shown addressing the club about the local food pantry, F.I.S.H.  [Story and photo by Bill McLemore, Club Publicity Chair.]