Family Health Partnership Clinic

Posted by John Halbleib on May 03, 2018
On May 3, 2018, the Rotary Club of McHenry Charitable Foundation, Inc. donated $2,500 to the Family Health Partnership Clinic.  This donation to will supply 106 diabetic patients with the testing supplies they need to check their blood sugar levels. Knowing blood sugar levels allows patients to monitor their health and keep it in normal range. Without these testing supplies, patients would be taking a risk that could adversely affect their lives.
Pictured below on May 3, 2018 from left to right are: Thomas Webb (Club Youth Services Chair, Co-Chair of the Club Scholarship Committee and Vice-Chair of the Rotary Club of McHenry Charitable Foundation, Inc.), Cathy Patenaude (Family Health Partnership Clinic), and Denis Buch (Club President).