P.E  Thoma filled in since our President abandoned us for a well-deserved trip to sunny Arizona.  Brian welcomed all and called upon Chief Huemann to  lead the Pledge  Blake the 4-way test, Weingart the song and  Hein said a Prayer for Donna’s Son Jordan.


Visitors  0    

Visiting Rotarians  O



Jan. and Feb.  meetings at the PLAV 1304 N. Park St.

St. Pats Parade March 16th, 1 pm, we need a group to carry the BB&B banner.

August 1st, 2nd and 3rd BLUES, BREWS AND BBQ’S. Keep the date open!



 The tables today had hand drawn Valentine comics by Bill McLemore on each table. Thanks for the timely decorations Bill !


BB&B  Report.   We officially have our first BBQ vendors committed to return, The Full Slab and Family Affair are coming back.   We also have a meeting planned with a Home Brew Club to see what our options are for a brew tasting contest on Saturday at our Festival.


Make-ups  none reported.


Mystery Hand shaker-   Brian named himself since he never gets to be the mystery guy.

Happy Dollars       Bartmann for his timely repairs up north, Donna for her Rotary friend Tony buying her coffee and making coming home to the cold weather worthwhile,  Diana for being approved to dive again in Cozumel, Thoma for the break in snow storms and yours truly for the cost affective 50 cent valentine card and candy made by student council and sent by a secret admirer to my sweetheart at the middle school.

Fun & Frolics      Bill McLemore used Valentine’s Day and all of its worldly history to fine everyone today.  Bill brought down the House at the end with the cupid stupid answer!   As always the enjoyment Bill brings to the room was well worth the fine.  


Program     Fred Neuschel on the Build a Dream organization.  See attached story by Bill McLemore.


 50/50   Phil Bartmann drew the white marble first try and won $63.00  This should make for a great Valentine’s Day for Jan !

Have a happy Valentines Day !     D.T.