President Webb rang the Rotary Bell bringing our meeting to order. Tom called upon Mike Ossler to lead us in the Pledge, Hargrove who defiantly remembered the 4-way test, Don Weingart started us in a song and civilian Vyduna said the Prayer.  


Visitors   0  Visiting Rotarians  0


April 21st BB&B meeting 5pm Savings Bank.

April 24th Scholarship Interviews, East Campus

August 1st, 2nd and 3rd BLUES, BREWS AND BBQ’S.

Sept. 4th Rotary lunch meeting at St. Paul’s, hoisted by Bill McLemore


Karen thanked everyone that donated diapers and paper products for our FISH collection. 


 Ron Bykowski reported on the Foundation accounts totaling $88,706.  The Dean account earned $2,414, totaling $13,414.  Petersen earned $3,450 totaling $28,450.  Club Foundation earned $5,565 totaling $30,565 with an additional $16,277 available to donate, that was raised last year.  Earnings are available for donations. 


Club vote next week on the following proposed donations.

Wonder Lake Food Pantry - $1,000

St. Paul Diaper Bank - $1,000

NISRA Special Olympics - $1,000

Build a Dream ( home and school project in Mexico) - $1,000

We will also be donating $500 to the Vietnam Memorial in Veterans Park and to DECA

(Johnsburg School business club) from the Dean account.


BB&B meeting 4/21 and we received a $250 donation from the Kiwanis.


Academic Scholarship  interviews will be at East on 4/24 at 5:30, see Terry if you can interview.


Make-ups  0

Mystery Hand shaker-    Terry Hargrove

Happy Dollars   Donna for the 164th Annual meeting of the Township ,  Hargrove saw spring coming as he traveled back thru southern Illinois,  Thoma for poker and a chance to take Sweeneys money,  and yours truly for finding a lost rain coat safe and sound in my golf bag.

Fun & Frolics  Brian Thoma used the history of The Masters as a basis to fine all with interesting  golf questions.

Program  Video shown on a speech by Brigadier General Steve Ritchie  on the Vietnam Rescue of  Roger Locher and preserving our values of freedom.  A very inspiring story of a Pilot that was shot down and mia for 21 days. When Locher finally radioed for help the military spent 3 days and dedicated all of its resources in a heroic rescue behind enemy lines.  


50/50   Don Ardvison had the ticket with no luck in the bag.

Sweeney needs help, please bring a perspective member to lunch !