President Pelz welcomed 27 to the lunch meeting at the County Club, opening duties went to Hargrove ,Blake, Weingart and Hein. 

Visitors  Lance Derosa, our “Harry Dean” Vocational Scholarship winner.

Visiting Rotarians -0-


June 17th BB&B meeting

June 27th  Tom Webb’s Club President, installation Luncheon.

July 20th  Bags Tournament.

August 2nd – 4th  BREW, BREWS and BBQ.

Augusts 3rd,  5k run for youth.

Announcements  Tickets for the BB&B will be available for pre-sales by July 1st,  American Community Bank joined our list of sponsors.    Fish Fry – June 14th at the Spring Grove Horse Fair Park 6 pm.  If you need directions call Bob Martens who is somewhat familiar with the area.

Make-ups   Don Arvidson in Hayward

Mystery Hand shaker-  Bill McLemore collected a buck from all who didn’t shake his hand.

Happy Dollars Weingart for his grandkid making the Dean’s list, Lorraine for our Scholarship winner Lance joining us for lunch, Arvidson for a grizzly going thru his sons back yard in Alaska and for his house being spared from the forest fire that burnt 17 houses by Hayward, Donna for western adventure and Brian’s advice to see Bear Country USA, Cheryden for her upcoming trip to Disney World with the family, Karen for a trip to Diana’s condo in Cozumel, Hein for his Anniversary and upcoming trip to South Dakota, Yellowstone and Jackson Hole, Webb for his family trip to Playa De Carmen and his daughter catching a 20# Mai Mai and yours truly for driving safely thru a tornado last Friday by St. Louis .

Fun & Frolics  Yours truly fined everyone on current events such as prices for Disney World, military budgets , the Beef Freund band shell and the 18 pc city band.  

Program  Pace Bus by Mary Donner, who explained everything that is going on in the County with Bus service.  Mary distributed a wealth of info and maps while she explained how the new Tri-City McRide works.  Riders can call for a ride between Crystal Lake, McHenry and Woodstock.  The route will pick up people ¾ of a mile either side of the connecting Highways, and there are fixed times in the mornings  and afternoons.  It was interesting to learn that the tax dollars collected equal what is spend in the area, they run 39 busses out of the McHenry Garage and Townships and other non-profits lease there buses for $100 a month per unit.   See Bills story on our home page for more info

50/50  Mr. Don was on a role as he again had the ticket .

 BBQ  and 5-k sponsor names must be in by July 1st for printing.