8/ 15/2013  Membership Assembly.

 Prior to our regular meeting,  BB&B issues including  being rude to or insulting  working partners, namely the Police, personnel from Chas. Herdrich  and Rex Towing were brought up.  Being more considerate to other members, keeping our discussions and confrontations for behind the scenes, think about what our public perception is and have clearer management procedures were included.   Going forward we all must be more aware of our actions.

Kathy Pelz shared our BB&B success, which looks to be coming in at over $20,000 in money raised from the 3 day event.  A hearty round of applause followed.

Chief Jones explained in detail the police requirements for the BB&B and how they plan for and staff all events.  Johns information was very informative.

8/15 2013 Meeting

President Webb welcomed  all to the regular meeting.

Visitors    Mark Bartalozei   D-15 COF     

Visiting Rotarians  Don Brewer

CALANDER UPDATE   September 13th,  Club dinner, Horse Fair Park.  Rotarians will make a dish from the Rotary Cook Book and test it on our fellow Rotarians.


 AG Don Brewer induct 2 new members Dennis Buch, owner of Boone Creek Cabinetry and Darien Wagner, manager for Walgreens.


50/50 tickets was moved to the next week