President Tom Webb welcomed 20 to the lunch meeting at the McHenry Country Club and delegated opening duties to Fitzgibbons, McLemore, Weingart and Hein.  Half way thru the meeting Tom excused himself and PE Thoma took command.

Visitors     0   Visiting Rotarians Mike Osler and his wife Karen   .

CALANDER UPDATE   September 13th,  Club dinner, Horse Fair Park.  Rotarians will make a dish from the Rotary Cook Book and test it on our fellow Rotarians. 


The Richmond Rotary Club sent a check for $260 which was 20% of the proceeds they raised at the BB&B selling corn.


Lance Larose – last year’s Vocational Scholarship winner sent us a thank you and explained his apprenticeship with Cat as a heavy equipment operator.  


Once a month Friday Fish Fry will be back soon as Karen will be announcing our next  adventure soon.


Make-ups    Denny Welter turned in a suspicious paper that was deemed to be a very real attempt  to attend a Richmond meeting.

Mystery Hand shaker-    Jim Vyduna

Happy Dollars   Karen for attending our past German exchange student Verena’s wedding and for Denny’s advice to watch out for bicyclers in Amsterdam,  Kathy because the Richmond Spring Grove Fire Department loves the $700 grill they bought from us and they sold Phil Bartmann a raffle ticket that produced $200,  Bill for tomatoes coming in, Jim for 10 days in Vail and a 14,000 ft.  Mountain climb.  Thought to ponder, if a Rotarian wins charity money while completing an official Rotary mission, should said winnings also become charitable to Rotary ?

Fun & Frolics   -    MIA, so we all put in a buck and look forward to next month with Arvidson, Baggio and  Bartmann.

Program     Tom asked for members to share resent random acts of kindness and plans on promoting trustworthiness along with the City, so please look for examples of this to share with us at future meetings.  What a great way to live by and share our 4-way test.

50/50 Bill McLemore drew two colored marbles from the bag and the prize increases for another week .

Please promote and acknowledge Trustworthiness.