President Webb welcomed 19 Rotarians to the McHenry Country Club and assigned Thoma to lead us in the Pledge, Neman the 4-way test, Weingart  a Song and McLemore said the Prayer. 

Visitors 0     Visiting Rotarians  0


 August 11th, 5 pm Keep the Spirit of 45 Alive, Veterans Park

September 13th,  Club dinner, Horse Fair Park.  Rotarians will make a dish from the Rotary Cook Book and test it on our fellow Rotarians.


Sunday 5pm at Veterans Park,  Keep the Spirit of 45 Alive program, it is well worth the time to honor our veterans, married couples from 1953 and before. Your sole will be stirred as the world’s largest group of participating buglers do echoing taps, from around the park.  Our town is very lucky to have our very own member Ron Bykowski putting this program together.


Next week AG Don Brewer will be on hand to induct 2 new members Dennis Buch, owner of Boone Creek Cabinetry and Darien Wagner, manager for Walgreens.  We also will have a closed door Club Assembly.


Make-ups   Arvidson 3 in Hayward

Mystery Hand shaker-   

Happy Dollars  Bill and Lori for now having relations owning the Flat Iron Pub in Atlanta, and everyone else had one for the great Blues Brews and BBQ festival.

Fun & Frolics   - Barbeque style by yours truly,  everyone did their own math as they added up numerous fines from the big festival this weekend for the likes of not selling tickets, not living up to the 4 way test, not working enough, talking more than 3 times about the ham dinner, naming all the beers, the amount of beers (4,000 regular and 2,000 craft), 700 adult beverages, cooking teams, Gatorade colors, volleyball nets and band names, not to mention complaints, insults, and giving orders.  Then they got to take credits for  things like having a beer, food, fun, good memories, worries, and working hard.  All in all the fines were worth the fun and Phil S. paid a little extra for schooling in Thomas beer tent and Tony for leaving his post.

Program  We told a few fun stories on what happened at our Blues Brews and BBQ’s event, and we had a few laughs. Mike Hein gave a run down on the inaugural 5-k run which had 51 runners and went off without a hitch.   Next week will have a club assembly and we will go thru the detailed financial aspect of our event that was a success.  We will discuss what the club wants to do moving forward and analyze both the good and bad details from last weekend’s event.


50/50  The tickets are still packed away from the weekend .

Relax and pat yourselves on the back, we did good and our proceeds will make the world a better place.