President  Webb welcomed 27 to lunch and called upon Diana Mark to lead us in the pledge, Don Arvidson, who rushed the  4-way test, Jim Vyduna led us in song and Bill McLemore said the Prayer. 

Visitors Flavia Fusaro      Visiting RotariansGov. Elect Ellen Young and Ed Hagg.

CALANDER UPDATE   Sept. 13th,  Club dinner, Horse Fair Park.  Rotarians will make a dish from the Rotary Cook Book and test it on our fellow Rotarians.

St. Paul Diaper Bank Auction, Sept. 21st, 7 pm,  $75 at  D’Andrea Banquets,  see Lori Lowe for tickets.  

Sept.  26th  Rotary Picnic with Pioneer Center Clients, 10am to 1pm, Stades Farm,  in lieu of our regular meeting, box lunches will be served. 


Next week’s program will be on the Diaper Bank, by Adam Diamond.


Make-ups    Don Weingart completed his first on line make-up this week and keeps his years of perfect attendance .

Mystery Hand shaker-    Tony Huemann

Happy Dollars  Donna for Kayaking in the ocean, Diana for a great trip to Cozumel and for her new mini Cooper, Bartmann for winning $200 and donating back $100 to the Spring Grove Fire Department,   Thoma for his daughter’s acceptance to Iowa,  Sweeney for a great road trip, 3,000 miles with the kids in the car to Del Ray Fl., 

Fun & Frolics   -    Bartmann  used our visiting exchange student and her past host families as his subject and fined everyone with their lack of knowledge.  

Program     Flavia Fusaro, our 1982 exchange student from Brazil.  Flavia shared with us some of her experiences.   She returned to brazil, graduated college with a sociology degree,  married, moved to Florida and had her own practice for seven years, moved back to Brazil, translated over 2,000 movies from English to Portuguese,  and now interprets internationally for such things as famous individuals, government, medical and manufacturing.   She is very grateful for her experience here, which has truly changed her life.

50/50  Chief Huemann had the chance, with no luck,  the $93.00 pot  will build for next week.

This month’s Character Counts theme is Trustworthiness.  Please promote and acknowledge this in your everyday actions.