Don Tonyan, Editor of the club e-letter, "The Reel," hard at work jotting down all the information from today's Club Assembly meeting.
   Don Tonyan, who has been a member of the McHenry Rotary Club since January 10, 1999, is carefully scribing all the activities that took place at our Club Assembly meeting today, Thursday, April 18th, at the McHenry Rotary Club.   Don does a great job with the newsletter and records just about everything that takes place.  Since there isn't anything to report to the local papers, the publicity guy (namely me) shot this picture of Don intense at his work amidst a collection of half empty glasses and plates at the table.  I do wonder if he'll get every minute detail of Ron Newman's, 'Fun and Frolic,' related to astrological information about our sun (a real 'bright spot' in today's happenings.)  Be sure to read today's "Reel,"  a lot happened and it include a new fellowship idea related to investments!