16 attended todays lunch,  President Webb  called upon Bob Blake to lead the us in the Pledge Bykowski the 4-way test, Weingart the song and  Prayer.


Visitors  Future First Lady, Doreen Thoma    

Visiting Rotarians  0


Jan. and Feb.  meetings at the PLAV 1304 N. Park St.

St. Pats Parade March 16th, 1 pm, we need a group to carry the BB&B banner.

August 1st, 2nd and 3rd BLUES, BREWS AND BBQ’S. Keep the date open!


Sponsorship brochures will be out next month, please start thinking of business and other contacts you can share these with.

Make-ups  none   

Mystery Hand shaker-   Songmeister  Weingart

Happy Dollars      Karen for last week in Cozumel and Kathy for heading out West to Mesa AZ.

Fun & Frolics      Since Lori was out of town, she had her favorite Rotarian Bill McLemore fill in.  Bill entertained us all with 4 jokes and called it “name the punch line”.  Any one of jokes would have been well worth a dollars entertainment!

Program    Pat Wirtz , McHenry Historical Society shared old photos of McHenry.   See accompanied story by Bill McLemore   


50/50   Not sure if it was fair to all concerned but we just carried the draw over to next week.