President Webb welcomed 17 Rotarians and assigned leading the Pledge of Allegiance to Mike Ossler, Martins the 4-way test of the things we think say or do, Weingart started us in song and McLemore said a Prayer.



Visitors  0    

Visiting Rotarians  Sister  Mary Martha- Marengo


Jan. and Feb.  meetings at the PLAV 1304 N. Park St.

Feb. 17th  BB&B Meeting –Savings Bank.

St. Pats Parade March 16th, 1 pm, we need a group to carry the BB&B banner.

August 1st, 2nd and 3rd BLUES, BREWS AND BBQ’S. Keep the date open!


District is allowing us to send two vocational scholarship applicants this year.


It’s Official!  City Council has approved the St. Pats Parade and BB&B festival.


Make-ups  none reported.


Mystery Hand shaker-   remains a mystery.


Happy Dollars       Bartmann was happy to be heading North to his cottage, Vyduna for heading back to Vail, Sweeney for signing up to run the Shamrock Scuffle,  Thoma for his wife cleaning the driveway before he did, Webb for heading to Phoenix,  and Martins for going up North.

Fun & Frolics      Ron Newman used Ground Hog day and the movie filmed in 1993 in Woodstock as he repeatedly stumped us over and over.  


Chair Reports -  RI Foundation Chair Phil Bartmann is sending $4,000 to RI from the club lunch money for non-attendance the last two years. The funds will go to individual Paul Harris credits.  Turns out, the more you miss, the more Rotary gets!

BB&B we will be coming out with sponsor request packs shortly and are researching a home brew tasting contest for Saturday evening. Vocational Scholarship packets are being distributed to the Schools and we will be interviewing applicants in a couple of weeks. In addition to sending two on to District for a chance at $500, Our Club will also provide two $500 winners.


50/50   Ron Bykowski had the right ticket and drew two colored marbles.  Our odds increase and so does the pot.  


Spring is just around the corner. Three more weeks of great food at the PLAV, then it’s back to the Country Club.