Thursday, April 25, 2013, McHenry County Club




  President Kathy Pelz rang the bell and brought the meeting to order asking Bob Blake to lead the club in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Following this, Joe Zubrzycki help us in our responses to the FOUR-WAY TEST, Don Weingart led the song, and Bill McLemore offered an invocation.  Guest speaker, Tom Bitterman, was introduced and welcomed and Jim Vyduna was warmly greeting upon his return following surgery.  Kathy extended birthday greetings to Lorraine Kopczynski.  She also reminded the club of the Group Study Exchange team from India and the events related to their visit.

    President Pelz moved on to the urgency of gathering sponsors for the upcoming BB&B, Friday-Sunday, August 2-4th.  She said, "We only have 99 days to prepare for this event and we need to get everyone involved in securing sponsors."   The 5K Run scheduled for Saturday, August 3rd, is well organized and she lauded those who had worked to set up this event.  Terry Hargrove reported on the Scholarship work and pressed the need for interviewers for Thursday, May 2nd, 6-9:30 PM at McHenry High East Campus.  Karen Lavin said that 11 people attended the April 12th Fish Fry at Kim and Patty's Cafe and another one would  be scheduled in the next few weeks. 

    The Happy Dollars happened so fast, your substitute editor couldn't keep up (don't know how Don does it), but did register the generous $10 gift from Jim Vyduna who announced he's 100%  cancer free at the last test.   Bill Mclemore and Bob Martens both offered Fun and Frolic--a few questions about comedians and Bob's Chicago Radio Station call letters.  Ron Bykowski was able to answer both quickly and won the prize--a signed cartoon book by Bill McLemore. 

    The program was presented by Tom Bitterman, Vice-President of "Neighbors Helping Neighbors."   He noted how helping a neighbor with a fallen tree in 2007, led to the formation of a service organization, “Neighbors Helping Neighbors,” which is a county-wide all-volunteer group that responds to all sorts of neighborhood needs—from yard work for elderly to owner-occupied housing rehab.  For more information or assistance needs, the telephone number of NHN is 815-341-1047.